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Residential Property Appraisals

Property Appraisals You Can Depend On

Trust Wm. S. Jackson & Associates Ltd. to give you the facts you need to make your important financial decisions.


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There are many reasons why you may require a professional appraisal, only a few of which are listed below. If your situation isn’t covered here, please contact us to discuss how you may benefit from a property appraisal from Wm. S. Jackson & Associates Ltd.

Buy or Sell Your Home With Confidence

The purchase of a new home is the single largest investment that most families will make. An impartial property appraisal from Wm. S. Jackson & Associates Ltd. will help you determine a fair offer to make on a new home and will ensure that you don’t pay more than a property is worth. Selling your home? We can help you determine an asking price that will offer your best return on investment while remaining consistent with local market conditions.

Ensure that Your Planned Renovations Won’t Decrease Your Home’s Value

Many homeowners, especially in today’s economy, are choosing to renovate their current home rather than purchase a new one. Sometimes, however, such “improvements” may actually decrease the value of your home. The expert appraisers at Wm. S. Jackson & Associates Ltd. can save you thousands of dollars in lost property value by alerting you if your planned renovations don’t make economic sense.

Considering a major renovation? Learn more about renovations and how they affect your property’s market value.

Appeal Your Property Assessment and Pay Less Taxes


1421899639_document-pdf-text Download the AIC’s “A Consumer Guide to Residential Appraisals.”

The assessed value of your property is largely what determines the amount of taxes you will pay. If you feel that your assessment is unfair or doesn’t reflect the true value of your property, our appraisers can provide an unbiased appraisal to bolster your appeal.

Note: Our base fee for residential appraisals is $300. If you feel that your property has been over-valued by less than $20,000, your potential decrease in property taxes likely won’t be sufficient to warrant the cost of a professional appraisal.

Settle Legal Disputes Once and For All

Nobody likes a drawn-out legal battle. An impartial property appraisal of any real estate involved in a divorce proceeding, lawsuit or other legal dispute can expedite the case and ensure that any payouts are awarded fairly and reflect the true value of the property in question.

Simplify Estate Settlements

As the executor of an estate, you’ve been trusted with an important and often stressful job. A professional appraisal of any real estate holdings involved in the estate, such as residential or commercial property, can make your task simpler by giving you an exact valuation that you, and the bank, can trust.’

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