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Is That Property a Grow Op?

Originally posted on Jan 9, 2012 by Dan Wilson.

Inspecting a rural property last week, I came across a few warning signs of grow op activity. #1, the detached shop was locked with no access available; #2, the shop had a high quality heat pump and fan system in place; and #3, there were large quantities of white pvc pipe cuttings along the back of the shop. All are warning signs of possible grow op activities.

When I got back to the office, I did a simple google search of the address. After the google map, the first hit was an RCMP website listing known and busted grow op sites throughout Canada. This is a great resource. The site lists a lot of property addresses throughout BC along with the number of plants and the dates they were dismantled.

So was the property a grow op? With no access to the interior it is not conclusive. It certainly was in the past. So, I reported to our client what was observed and recommended further investigations if the client is to proceed with this property purchase.

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