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Ecological Gift Valuations

Canada’s Ecological Gifts Program provides a way for Canadians with ecologically sensitive land to protect nature and leave a legacy for future generations. Made possible by the terms of the Income Tax Act of Canada and the Taxation Act in Quebec, it offers significant tax benefits to landowners who donate land or a partial interest in land to a qualified recipient. Recipients ensure that the land’s biodiversity and environmental heritage are conserved in perpetuity.

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The Ecological Gifts Program is administered by Environment Canada in cooperation with dozens of partners, including other federal departments, provincial and municipal governments, and environmental non-government organizations.

Ecological gifts are donations with preferential income-tax treatment, and therefore have specific requirements above and beyond other kinds of donations. In order for an ecological gift to meet these requirements, the federal Minister of the Environment must certify the property as ecologically sensitive, approve the recipient to receive the ecological gift, and certify the fair market value of the donation.

There are a number of steps involved in this process, including: arranging the donation; preparing and filing information on ecological sensitivity; and determining the fair market value of the donation.

Learn more about the Ecological Gift Program

Wm. S. Jackson & Associates Ltd. has extensive experience in the valuation of properties under the Ecological Gifts Program. We have completed valuations of a wide range of properties ranging from wetlands to forest lands, waterfront lands, agricultural properties and watershed areas throughout the Vancouver Island and Sunshine Coast areas.

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