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About Wm. S. Jackson & Associates Ltd.

Vancouver Island’s Most Trusted Real Estate Appraisers

At Wm. S. Jackson & Associates Ltd., we understand that you don’t seek the advice of a real estate appraiser just for the sake of it; you seek the advice of an appraiser in order to solve a problem.

Perhaps you’re trying to decide on a fair price for buying or selling a home. Or maybe you need an accurate estimation of real estate value in order to settle a legal proceeding. Whatever the reason, our team of AIC*-certified real estate appraisers is here to help.

No one knows the value of real estate on Vancouver Island and the Sunshine Coast better than Wm. S. Jackson & Associates Ltd.. Our appraisers have completed more than 30,000 residential appraisals and more than 5,000 commercial appraisals, and we understand better than anyone the conditions that affect the local real estate markets.

But We’re So Much More than Just Appraisers!

Our expertise goes well beyond real estate appraisals. We also help companies determine the feasibility of proposed construction or development projects, we advise municipal bodies on the probable effects of proposed actions and we provide reliable advice to businesses and individuals on a wide range of issues involving real estate holdings.

Whether asked to appraise a single-family home, a 12-storey apartment tower or a multi-unit development project, the expert real estate appraisers at Wm. S. Jackson & Associates Ltd. provide accurate and dependable appraisals tailored your individual needs.

We recognize that you put your trust in us and in our service. In return, we deliver more than just numbers – we deliver real value to help you solve real problems.

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